Why Join Us?

Well, you can work for any company, but what makes it special to work at Clone Softech is that here you can Grow. We’re an Information Technology Company that believes in leveraging our people talent & skills to empower them to work at their best. From leading a team of digital nerds to receiving training from industry experts or whether to share a gut-busting laugh during our lunchtime. Whatever you choose to do, we have a place for you everywhere

Still finding reasons to join us, refer these:

Years of Legacy
Hand on Projects
Training Sessions
Expert Sessions
What is CSIP
The Clone Softech Internship Programme or CSIP is our unique Internship programme which was launched in 2017. It gives the marvelous opportunity to new graduates and the experienced ones the chance to work with a growing tech company in Bhopal through a two-month internship.  


 The aim of our programme is that through this internship, the CSIP interns can get on hand practical experience in live IT projects and can create an in-depth knowledge base in the related field. Successful applicants from this programme are matched with a high growth tech company and work an integral part of their team. It gives them the opportunity to even get selected in our company or to get placed in other companies in the sector.  

What you will gain from this programme:  

 Hands on Live Projects

 Expertise Sessions


 Placement Assistance

 Interview Preparation

 Training Sessions

Our Hiring Process...
At Clone Softech we have always believed in making a difference and that we do with the help of our digital experts. We are an experienced and talented team of passionate consultants who breathe with development. Here we have space for everyone and for every kind of talent that you may have.    

Application Submission

This is the primary process where you have to apply online through our portal and upload your personal details to get yourself into our review stage


After getting your application our team of experts will review your application and decide where you will fit in our organization and what role is suitable for you.

F2F Interview

After reviewing your application our team will contact you and call you for the personal interview with our selection team for the final process.

Now you are ready to join us and discover yourself !!!